Ordinary Crane hook group

The Crane hook is an important component of a crane, used for lifting and moving goods. The single hook is simple to manufacture and convenient to use, and is mostly used in workplaces with a lifting capacity of less than 100T tons. The Crane hook is mainly used for the lifting of goods in factories, mines, petroleum, chemical, and ship terminals.

Ordinary Crane hook group details

Product name:Crane Hook (single hook)                    

Lifting weight:3.2t-100t                    

Application:Industries such as factories, mines, petrochemicals, etc                                    

Material of crane hook: DG20, DG20Mn, DG34CrMo. It can be selected according to the usage environment and the working level of the crane.

1. The Crane hook material is made of high-quality carbon steel or special materials such as DG20Mn, DG34CrMo, etc. It is strictly prohibited to use cast hooks. 

2.   During the manufacturing process of lifting hooks, there must be no defects that affect their safe use performance; Defects in the hook shall not be repaired by welding; The surface of the crane hook should be smooth and free of cracks, folds, sharp corners, burrs, peeling, overburning and other defects. 

3. The technical conditions of the Crane hook should comply with the provisions of GB 10051.1-88 to GB 10051.5-88 (new standard: GB10051.1-2010 to GB 10051.5-2010)

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