miniature electric hoist

Miniature electric hoist is a type of lifting hoist, generally divided into household Miniature hoist and industrial Miniature hoist, and can also be divided into wire rope micro electric hoist and chain link micro electric hoist,Miniature electric hoists are widely used in factories, workshops, buildings, warehouses, restaurants, shopping malls, decoration and transportation, and other places

miniature electric hoist details

Miniature electric hoists are generally divided into fixed and running types, suitable for various occasions, especially suitable for lifting heavy items from downstairs in high-rise buildings. The structure is simple, easy to install, small and exquisite, and single-phase electricity is used as the power source. The Miniature electric hoist has met international standards in production design, ensuring safety in use. The motor heat sink adopts a cast iron structure, which improves its service life. The lifting speed of the micro electric hoist can reach 10 meters/minute, and the initial design of the steel wire rope length is 12 meters (extended and customizable). In terms of the hook, an advanced double hook setting is specially designed, greatly increasing the lifting capacity of the micro electric hoist。

As a new type of electric hoist, Miniature electric hoist is widely used in modern industries such as mechanical manufacturing, electronics, automobiles, shipbuilding, workpiece assembly, and high-tech industrial zones, such as production lines, assembly lines, assembly machines, and logistics transportation. It can better demonstrate its excellent quality when working in warehouses, docks, ingredients, hanging baskets, and narrow workspace.


1. The design of the micro electric hoist is flexible and convenient to use.

2. When the limit baffle touches the limit stopper, the lifting machine will automatically stop working.

3. If the steel wire rope is lifted in reverse, the hoist motor will automatically stop working. 

4. The hook design of the elevator is divided into two states: dynamic loading and static loading.

5. Operation and use of household 220V power supply.

6. The power cord is plug-in and easy to use.

7. The hoist hook can rotate 360 °.

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