Lifting coil magnet lifter

The W19 seriesmagnet lifter is specially designed for lifting wire. The magnet lifter has a two point contact surface with the disc, which is light in weight and reasonable in structure. The magnetic level structure can adapt to different diameters of discs. The selection of magnet lifter mainly depends on the length of the disc. It can be used to lift multiple bundles of discs along the length direction of the magnet lifter, or can be selected to lift along the degree direction。

Lifting coil magnet lifter details

Customizable according to customer needs,providing various lifting methods.

1. The lifting disc magnet lifter adopts a fully sealed structure with good moisture-proof performance; The non-magnetic protective plate adopts rolled manganese plate, which has good weldability, good magnetic insulation performance, wear resistance, and impact resistance.

2. By digesting advanced foreign technology, improving and innovating, and optimizing design through computers, our company's magnet lifter products have a reasonable structure, light weight, high suction, and low energy consumption.

3. The lifting electromagneticmagnet lifter) iron excitation coil has undergone special process treatment to improve the electrical and mechanical properties of the coil. The insulation material has a heat resistance level of C and a long service life.

4. The rated duration of ordinary lifting electromagnetsmagnet lifter) has been increased from 50% in the past to 60%, improving the efficiency of lifting electromagnets.

5. The ultra-high temperature lifting electromagnetmagnet lifter) adopts unique insulation and heat radiation protection measures, and its absorbed object temperature has increased from 600 ℃ to 700 ℃, expanding the applicable temperature of the lifting electromagnet.

6. Provide auxiliary equipment such as electromagnetic cabinets and cable reels, with good performance as a complete set.

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