Ladle lifting sling

The Ladle lifting sling is mainly used for the lifting of intermediate tanks, molten iron tanks, steel ladle, and steel ladle in various steel plants. Its structure is simple, operation is convenient, and it is safe and reliable。

Ladle lifting sling details

Customizable according to your needs。

The beam body of the Ladle lifting sling is made of high-quality low-carbon alloy steel, with high strength and high temperature resistance. The hook body of the Ladle lifting sling is welded and riveted with Q355B steel plate, which has high strength and flexibility. The steel wire rope pulley is hot-rolled with high-quality steel plate, and the rope groove is more wear-resistant.

There are various types of gantry lifting appliances, which can be connected to the small frame using steel wire rope pulleys or to the crane hook using a pin type connection. They can be customized according to your usage requirements.

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