Hydraulic electromagnet

The hydraulic electromagnet(hydraulic magnet lifter) suction cup is mainly used on excavators. The hydraulic suction cup utilizes advanced hydraulic technology to seal the inside of the suction cup into a vacuum state, achieving adsorption effect and avoiding the situation where ordinary magnet lifter suction cups cannot supply power and stop working.

Hydraulic electromagnet details

1、 Hydraulic electromagnet structure

The hydraulic electromagnet mainly consists of the suction cup body, the suction cup edge sealing plate, the internal conduit of the suction cup, and the interface connecting the hydraulic system.

The body of a hydraulic electromagnet is a component that adsorbs objects, usually made of materials such as rubber, silicone, polyurethane, etc. The surface is designed in the shape of an electromagnet to increase the adsorption area. The edge sealing plate of the hydraulic electromagnet is also one of the key parts of the suction cup, which can ensure the formation of a vacuum area between the electromagnet and the adsorption object, thereby achieving adsorption.

2、 The workflow is as follows:

1. Start the hydraulic system and fill the internal conduit of the electromagnet with hydraulic oil.

2. The sealing plate is tightly attached to the adsorption object, forming a vacuum state inside.

3. The hydraulic system continuously increases internal pressure, and the hydraulic electromagnet begins to move upwards, causing the adsorbed object to detach from the backing plate.

4. When retracting the electromagnet, drain hydraulic oil from the internal conduit.

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