European crane wheels

The European crane wheels are an important component of the operating parts of the crane, used to support the important transmission device of the crane's large and small vehicles. European crane wheels occupy less space and have a high bearing pressure on the wheels. Due to the direct connection between the wheel axle and the reducer, transmission devices such as the shaft and crane coupling are eliminated, reducing the noise during the operation of the crane.

European crane wheels details

Type: Φ160-Φ630

Applications: Cranes, trolleys, transfer trucks, heavy-duty industries, port cranes, steel mills, etc.

The European crane wheels are mainly composed of wheel bodies, shafts, bearings, and bearing boxes. The Crane wheels operate frequently and bear high wheel pressure, requiring high requirements for wheel material and processing technology. Our company specializes in manufacturing crane accessories and can customize products according to your different needs.


1. The European crane wheels are made of high-temperature forging, commonly made of materials such as 60 #, 65Mn, and 42CrMo. The wheel body is quenched and tempered, with a hardness of HB330-380. The quenched and tempered wheel groove is more wear-resistant and has a longer service life.


2. The European crane wheels are made of 40Cr and 42CrMo materials, subjected to high-temperature quenching and tempering treatment, and have a hardness of HB220-280


3、The bearing box adopts Q235B, with stronger bearing capacity

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