Electric rotation hook

The Electric rotation hooks are applied in factories, docks, steel mills, etc. The Electric rotation hook is connected to the steel wire rope pulley of the crane through a steel wire rope, and the lifting and lowering of the hook are controlled by the crane. The Electric rotation hook is equipped with a power drive device, which can be connected to the hook through a rope to lift heavy objects.

Electric rotation hook details

Product name:Electric rotation hook

Lifting weight: 5T-200T                                                   

Application:The Electric rotation hooks are applied in factories, docks, steel mills, etc

The Electric rotation hook is equipped with power drive devices, gears, couplings and other transmission components. After the Electric rotation hook is powered on, the power drive device is controlled to achieve 360 °, 180 °, and90° free rotation of the hook, avoiding manual operation of the hook rotation, reducing the labor intensity of the operator, and maximizing the safety of the operator.

The steel wire rope pulley in the Electric rotation hook is made of Q355B material, which makes the pulley groove more wear-resistant. The hook materials include DG20Mn, DG35CrMo, and DG34Cr2Ni2Mo, and suitable materials can be selected based on the working level of the crane and the industry and mining used.

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