C-type steel coil hook

C-type steel coil hook is a mechanical lifting tool for loading and unloading steel coils, mainly used for steel coil handling, steel coil tempering, warehouse storage and stacking, transportation and loading and unloading. The C-shaped steel coil hook is also called C-shaped hook because its shape and structure are like the English alphabet C. Its structure is simple, operation is convenient, loading and unloading efficiency is high, and tool cost consumption is low, so it is used in steel mills.

C-type steel coil hook details

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C-type steel coil hook can be divided into structural type, plate type, and box beam type according to different hook body sections. According to the type of hook mouth lining plate, it can be divided into copper lining plate type, aluminum lining plate type, and polyurethane lining plate type. C-type lifting appliances are purchased and made of alloy steel. 

Precautions for use:  1. When C-type steel coil hook is in operation, when the C-type lifting appliance is lowered to a distance of about 0.5m from the end face of the hoisted coil plate, stop the hook and workers support the hook. Command the machine to slowly move the hook, insert the lower bearing beam of the C-type lifting appliance into the hole in the coil plate, and make the inner side of the vertical beam close to the end face of the coil plate.

 2. The length of the C-type steel coil hook load-bearing beam must include at least two-thirds of the length of the roll plate, and the balance suspension length should be adjusted at any time according to the overall size of the roll plate to avoid the roll plate tilting outward during lifting. 

3. Slowly lift the hook and tighten it. After checking without any errors, the person should dodge before commanding the lifting. 

4. After landing the goods at the designated position, the workers instructed the machinery to slowly move the hook and pull the C-shaped lifting tool bearing beam out of the hole in the rolling plate.

5. During operation, the mechanical driver should lift and fall steadily, and it is strictly prohibited to hook or collide. Workers should stand in a safe position and cooperate well with the machine

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