50T Electric hydraulic grab exported to Brazil successfully working

Electric hydraulic grab buckets exported to Brazilian ports. This electric hydraulic grab is mainly

Hook double beam bridge crane

The installation and commissioning of the 80/20T double beam overhead crane produced by Obescrane fo

Billet clamp lifting spreader

Billet clamp lifting spreader is a special tool for steel mills, ports, wharves and other units to t

Wire rope drum, rope winding device of crane

The steel wire rope drum is an important component of a crane, mainly used for the lifting part of t

Wire Rope Grab: A Versatile Tool for Efficient Material Handling

Wire rope grab is an essential equipment widely used in various industries for efficient material ha

Electric Hoist: Streamlining Lifting Operations for Increased Efficiency

Introduction: Electric hoists are essential devices used in various industries to simplify and strea