Metallurgical bridge double beam crane


Brief introduction of metallurgical bridge double girder crane:

    Obescrane produces a 320T Metallurgical bridge double beam crane for China Steel Company ,while Obescrane's metallurgical bridge double beam crane is a high-performance crane independently developed. It has stable performance, high work efficiency, convenient maintenance, low noise, and other characteristics. Received positive feedback from customers, welcome to inquire!

  Metallurgical bridge double beam crane refers to the operation that relies on longitudinal movement along the factory track direction, lateral movement of the trolley, and lifting motion of the hook or lifting tool. Suitable for metal smelting workshops, metallurgical bridge type double beam cranes are generally suitable for ambient temperatures ranging from -10 ℃ to+50 ℃, with relative humidity not exceeding 50 ° C at a temperature of 40 ℃?, The radiation temperature of the molten metal lifted on the forged hook and plate hook shall not exceed 300 ℃. Job level: A7 and A8 are used in relatively busy metallurgical casting workshops.

Metallurgical bridge double beam cranes are mainly suitable for specialized cranes for metal smelting and hot processing. These include open-pit feeding bridge crane, ground feeding crane, clamp crane, slab turnover crane, forging crane, heating furnace loading and unloading crane, material box electromagnetic crane, material box grab crane.


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